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Media Coverage

Featured in cartoon & article by Dale Debakcsy on, 5-31-17.

Guest on podcast The Space Show with Dr. David Livingston aired 11-14-16.

Radio interview, "From the Houston Spaceflight Center to Mars; the Journey of Marianne Dyson," aired 3-22-16 on

Feature article by Brian Albrecht in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, on 1-31-16 & 2-1-16.

On Irish radio show Futureproof hosts Lara Dungan, Ian Brunswick, and I discussed The Martian movie.

I was on NPR "To the Point" 7-08-11 with Warren Olney to discuss the last Shuttle flight. Hear the entire show, in four parts: Me & Architect Thom Mayne, Mayne & Astronomer Jonathan McDowell, & Me & McDowell.

I moderated "The Future of the ISS" for the National Space Society on 5-30-08. Watch the CSPAN broadcast on the NSS Web site.

I was on The Space Show with Dr. David Livingston on 11-11-08, to discuss the first Shuttle flights.

I was interviewed by Cynthia Smith about winning the 2000 SCBWI Golden Kite Award.


October 9, 1999, My first ever autographing was at the Alabama Theater Bookstop in Houston. Photo by Karen Spencer.

October 10, 1999. Signing books at my home-town store, Jeremy's Books & Toys in Clear Lake/Houston. Photo by Dyson.

October 23, 1999. Visiting future astronaut Alexander Alam at Barnes & Noble's Galleria store in Houston. Photo by Sandra Alam.

November 11, 1999. Explaining how to weigh a weightless rat at Hyde Elementary in League City, TX. Photo by Amber Maple.

November 15, 1999. Showing students at Parker Williams Library in Houston how to make a robotic hand. Photo by Librarian Holly Koile.


January 12, 2000. Melanie Chrismer, of Blue Willow book store, with illustrator Ashley Wolffe, and author Marianne Dyson at a book signing.

May 17, 2000. Librarian Carol Carmack is all smiles during Marianne's visit to her home town library in Canton, Ohio.

May 18, 2000. The well-behaved students of Sauder Elementary in Canton, Ohio.

May 18, 2000. Students learn about space at Amherst Elementary in Massillion, Ohio.

May 18, 2000. Cousin Joel and his wife Lisa and Aunt Shirley attend a signing at Borders book store in Canton, Ohio.

May 19, 2000. About 500 students at Jackson Middle School in Ohio heard Marianne speak.

May 22, 2000. A Space Station Science workshop at Taft Middle School in Canton, Ohio.

May 23, 2000. Marianne shares space activity ideas with NASA Glenn employees in Cleveland, Ohio.

May 26, 2000. Patrons at the Tucson Public Library hear about space.

September 19, 2000. Students at River Oaks Baptist School in Houston learn about space.

July. When I won the Golden Kite Award for my first book (Space Station Science), I was interviewed on Cynthia Smith's Children's Reading Resources.

October 4, 2000. Students at Canterbury School in Midlothian, Texas know all about ISS.

October 5, 2000. Planetarium directors hear Marianne at a conference in Dallas, Texas.

October 24, 2000. Marianne explains how to find ideas to gifted fourth-graders in Baytown, Texas.


February 9, 2001. Marianne models a home-made space suit during a Space Station Educators' Conference.

February 23, 2001. Upper: Patrons of Sherman, Texas Public Library stop by to chat with Marianne. Lower: Marianne poses with Library staff and volunteers.

February 24, 2001. Marianne autographs books after a talk at Dillingham Middle School in Sherman, Texas.

February 28, 2001. The Expedition 2 crew talk about their upcoming mission at a press conference at JSC which Marianne attended.

March 2, 2001. Students of 29 Palms, CA Elementary learn about the space station.

March 3, 2001. Students of Palm Vista Elementary in 29 Palms, CA watch Marianne's space science demonstrations.

March 21, 2001. Students at Saudlersville Elementary in Stevensville, MD learn about the space station, and then Ms. Vooris's class enjoys a simulated launch during a workshop.

March 21, 2001. Kennard Elementary fourth-grader Nikki Trott practices her speech which was taped for BookTV (on C-SPAN2 on April 21) while Jake Franklin (who flipped the overheads) watches. Note the cool artwork prepared by the students for the show.

C-SPAN BOOK-TV video of my Kennard school Space Station Science presentation.

March 21, 2001. Mr. Fisher's fourth-grade class at Kennard Elementary in Centreville, MD experiences a simluated shuttle launch.

March 21, 2001. Marianne poses with the people who made her visit to Kennard Elementary in Centreville, MD possible: Mary Margaret, Jake Franklin, Ms. Franklin, Nikki Trott, and Mr. Fisher.

March 22, 2001. Homeschoolers learn about space at the Queen Anne's County Free Library in Centreville, MD.

March 22, 2001. Patrons of the Kent Island branch library learn about the International Space Station.

April 1, 2001. Families enjoying Astronomy Day at the Hudson River Museum listen to Marianne explain about fire in space.

April 1, 2001. Marianne Dyson finally earns her aerospace badge along with the troops in Scarsdale, New York. Monica Reynolds and Mary Ellis, shown in lower photo, arranged the visit.

April 20, 2001. Watch out, Buffy! Marianne receives her brown belt in Kuk Sool Won from Kwan Jang Nym Harmon. She even broke a 3/4" piece of plywood with a spin kick!

April 25, 2001. Three views of students at Beth Yeshurun School in Houston, Texas.

May 4, 2001. Fourth graders at Sienna Crossing Elementary in Sugarland, Texas. More Sienna Crossing students And even more Sienna Crossing students. Note, photos from different angles are mushed together in these views, so some students appear twice!

May 12, 2001. Marianne (far left) joins other writers of the SCBWI Houston chapter, one of the sponsors of Kidfest.

May 16, 2001. Students at Brazos Bend Elementary and a photo of the display created by librarian Jackie Elliot using posters and pictures provided by Marianne.

May 22, 2001. Three class groups at Bear Creek Elementary in Katy, Texas learn about space during an author visit.

May 26, 2001. Parents and kids in Albuquerque, NM attend Marianne's space station presentation at the community center next to the Erna Ferguson library (top photo) and at the Albuquerque Main Library (bottom photo).

October 4, 2001. Students of West University Elementary learn about space: 3rd grade (top photo), 5th grade (middle photo), 4th grade (bottom photo).

October 20, 2001. Teachers at UH-CL hear my keynote address about using space to motivate kids to read because they want to instead of because they have to.

November 7, 2001. Moore, Oklahoma, Plaza Towers Elementary grades 1-2,(top photo), 3-4 (middle photo), 5-6 (bottom photo). Plaza Towers helpers with teacher Dawn Hubbard in background.

November 8, 2001. Moore, Oklahoma, Broadmoore Elementary grades K-1,(top photo), K-2 (bottom photo). Broadmoore grades 3-4 (top), 5-6 (bottom) and Janice West's class pose with me in front of their classroom shuttle at Broadmoore Elementary (top photo), and space essay winners with me (bottom photo).

November 17, 2001. I was a featured author at the Texas Book Festival in Austin, Texas. The authors were invited to breakfast at the Governor's mansion. Pictured is fellow National Geographic author Rosalind Schanzar, National Geographic Children's Books (formerly of Scholastic where she edited Space Station Science) editor Nancy Feresten, and me. Note Texas Governor Rick Perry in the background in the striped shirt!

November 17, 2001. One of the featured authors, Marianne Dyson, in front of the Texas Capital building during the Texas Book Festival.

November 17, 2001. The Texas Book Festival was held inside the Capital in plush chambers. Here is a picture taken during the panel on children's nonfiction, moderated by Betty Carter. Panelists are authors Kathi Appelt, Stuart Murphy, and myself.


January 15 and 17, 2002. I had a great two days of visits at Ferguson Elementary in League City, Texas thanks to the Scholastic Book Fair sharing the cost with the school. Can you find Librarian Gary Brown in the back? More classes at Ferguson

And, even more: classes at Ferguson

January 23, 2002. The after-school program at Spring Branch Middle School in Texas heard all about space.

February 6, 2002. I don't usually wear this much make-up! (Supposedly, it didn't look this bad under the bright TV lights...) Professor Jean Dreher, Teacher Charlie Pearce, and myself were the "expert" guests on the Reading is Fundamental (RIF) educational TV show discussion about nonfiction. More information about RIF is available on their website:

February 20, 2002. Group 1 at Meadow Wood Elementary in Houston, Texas were eager to learn more about space.Group 2 at Meadow WoodGroup 3 at Meadow Wood

October 15-19, 2002. National Space Society Directors Jim Plaxco, Larry Ahearn, Bruce Mackenzie, and me were some of the volunteers at the NSS booth at the World Space Congress (WSC) in Houston. While there, I ran into my old boss, "Failure is not an option" Flight Director Gene Kranz. I also met up with several scientists I interviewed for HOME ON THE MOON and showed them the book jacket. One was geologist G. Jeffrey Taylor. Another was lunar scientist Paul Spudis who debated Mars Society President Robert Zubrin on whether or not we should return to the Moon or go to Mars next. The audience voted, and the Moon won, though I must admit, I voted for Mars because I want to go to both!

October 28, 2002. Top photo are 4th and 5th grades, and bottom photo is 3rd grade at Cedar Creek Elementary in Austin, Texas. Writers workshop with 11, 3-5th grade boys.

October 29, 2002. Top photo is 1st grade, middle is Kingergarten, and bottom is 2nd grade at Cedar Creek. Space workshop with 9, K-2 students. Top photo is launch, bottom is landing. In between (not shown) was a trip to the moon!

November 19, 2002. 6th graders at Saint Francis Episcopal Day School in Houston, Texas.

November 21, 2002. This is my neighborhood school, Clear Lake City Elementary in Houston, Texas. See three more groups of Clear Lake kids. Look for librarian Kathy Johnson in the middle photo. She is also my Kuk Sool Won Martial Arts practice partner!

December 9, 2002. First 2 groups of Miller Intermediate School students in Houston, Texas. Two more groups at Miller.


January 17, 2003. 5th (top photo), 4th (middle photo), and 3rd (bottom photo) graders at Bang Elementary in Houston, Texas.

February 3, 2003. Me at the Johnson Space Center Memorial for the Columbia and her crew. More images are on my Remember Columbia page.

April 19, 2003. Two views of the audience at Webster Barnes & Noble Author of the Month event. A demo of the phases of the moon with volunteers Dr. Vanderpool (a.k.a. Atlas holding the world), Lynne Phillips (moon maiden), and Bob Mitchell (the sun). More people & the cake. Two photos of me, one speakingand one signing books.

May 1-2, 2003. Media Specialist Extraordinaire "KK" hosted me at Chets Creek Elementary in Jacksonville, FL. Here are 3 photos of students at my first Home on the Moon school presentations, plus more students. They painted a Mission Control mural for this former flight controller. The entrance was amazing! We all had fun with the size of Jupiter demonstration, the Earth-Moon distance demonstration, the weight of Earth vs. moon eggs, thinking about riding on an Apollo 16 rover, and looking at the east "sideways" moon. Another photo of great kids. The last group on Friday even sang me a space song! It was the best visit an author could ever want!

May 23, 2003. The daughters of NASA Ames employees - future lunar pioneers - joined me in the Ames cafeteria (in San Jose, CA) for a book signing hosted by Hicklebees.

May 27, 2003. The third-grade students at Francone Elementary in Houston learned how big Jupiter is (top photo) and why we see only one side of the moon (bottom photo).

June 4, 2003. A surprise crowd of over 50 people attended my appearance at Northwest Library in Cypress (north of Houston). Special thanks go to librarian Diane Kelly standing at left in the photo. Reporter Jason King covered the event for the 1960 Sun newspaper.

July 20, 2003. Visitors to the Champion's Barnes & Noble on FM 1960 north of Houston celebrate the 34th anniversary of Apollo 11's landing with me.

October 20, 2003. Students at Oak Forest Elementary in Houston learn how big Jupiter's biggest moon is. If you want to volunteer, raise your hand!

October 23, 2003. I met lots of future astronauts at Greenwood Elementary in Colorado. One even knew the name of the Solar System's largest moon! (Do you?!) See some of these excellent students in the following: Photo B (Scale model of Earth) Photos C-D (Earth and Mars compared) Photos E-F (fluid shifts in weightlessness) Photo G (position of new moon) Photo H (future flight controller runs the PowerPoint show).

October 24, 2003. I have never seen a cooler science classroom than the one at Cherry Hills Village Elementary near Denver, Colorado. Even the kindergarten kids understood the phases of the moon (but needed a little help turning on the "sun")! Photo B, Photo 4, Photo 5. Some fifth graders joined me for a writing/science workshop in the afternoon. They wrote their bios and did interviews, then solved some problems encountered on their missions to the Apollo landing sites. Workshop Photo A, Workshop Photo B, Workshop Photo 6, Workshop Photo 8, Workshop Photo 9.

October 24, 2003. Speakers and organizers of the National Space Society panel discussion pose for a photo at the Milehicon science fiction convention in Denver, Colorado.

October 25, 2003. Denver Post "kid" reporter Luke a.k.a. "Skywalker" introduced me at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. He also interviewed me for an article in the Colorado Kids Section. Watch for his byline in future articles! After the talk, I signed books for fans.

November 2003. After a tour of NASA's "kitchen" at Johnson Space Center, I enjoyed a space drink (and space lunch - I liked the smoked almonds best). Photo by fellow author Carmen Bredeson. A high resolution copy of this photo is available, and will appear in a cookbook by Sharon McElmeel.


January 17, 2004. I volunteered to help staff (and recruited new members to) the Mars Society of Houston booth at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

January 30, 2004. Bang Elementary students learn about the moon and participate in demonstrations showing why we only see the near side.

March 11, 2004. Here I am with Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. The occassion was the Rotary National Award for Space Achievement (RNASA) banquet. I wrote the program book, including Mr. Armstrong's profile, for the event.

April 26, 2004. I did four presentations at the Iroquois Community School in Des Plaines, Illinois, near Chicago. Pictured here are the 4th and 5th graders.

April 27, 2004. Students receive a prelaunch briefing before going on a space writing adventure during workshops at the Iroquois Community School. The library was set up with a launch/landing area of 24 chairs with supply bags donated by The Boeing Company. Another area included a set of tables that served as the space station and then as landing sites on the moon. The students laid on the floor for launch. They made robotic hands on the station, and then picked landing sites using moon maps donated by the Lunar Planetary Institute. They used a special scale to find their moon weight. They drew and described artifacts found on the moon. The gravity detector showed they had returned to Earth.

July 20, 2004. Thanks to Lynne Phillips, USS Hornet Museum Project Director pictured here with me on the deck, I spent two days participating in the celebration of the 35th anniversary of Apollo 11 in Alameda, CA. I was interviewed for CNN Headline News by Jack Hanson. I toured the carrier deck, the "island," and sat in the chair of the air boss, and captain! The Hornet was the recovery ship for Apollo 11 and 12.

October 2, 2004. During a book signing event at the Webster, Texas Barnes & Noble, I demonstrated that weightlessness in space is caused by falling.

November 10, 2004. Here are some photos of the future astronauts and space scientists at Horizon Elementary in Madison, Alabama during my author visit there.

November 11, 2004. Writers (and new friends) are everywhere! Members of the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators in the Huntsville, Alabama area kindly hosted a potluck dinner for me while I was in town. A special thanks to hostess Tracy McMahon (2nd row far right) and celebrity (not me, her!) tour guide Hester Bass (2nd row, far left).


November 4, 2005. I visited Bruce Shulkey Elementary in Fort Worth, Texas and got this photo of me with Librarian Linda Brand.

October 2005. I am standing in front of the science building during a visit to my alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I spoke to some of the faculty and college students in the physics department. I also spoke at four elementary schools and to teachers in training.

May 12, 2005. Here I am with Dr. Kathleen Ahrens, the Regional Advisor for SCBWI Taiwan, who arranged for me to speak to the Taipei chapter.

May 11, 2005. Ni hao! Here I am with librarians Kathy and Sandy (with daughter) and PTA volunteer Jackie who orchestrated my visit to the Taipei American School in Taiwan.

April 23, 2005. My "trophy" from the American Institute of Physics arrived, a Windsor chair engraved with my name and book title.

February 19, 2005. After four and a half years of training, I am awarded my first degree black belt in Kuk Sool. My title is Jyo Ko Nim.

February 5, 2005. Me and Melanie Chrismer, the MC at the SCBWI-Houston Academy 101, part 2. Here are photo A and photo B of me talking about writing profiles for magazines.

January 20, 2005. Librarian Mary Ellen Petrie (pictured with me) invited me to Eiland Elementary in Houston. Here are some creative thank-you notes from the third graders and notes and art from K-1 students.

January 11, 2005. I visited with members of the SCBWI Albuquerque chapter. Covers of their published books adorn the wall behind us.

January 10, 2005. Dr. Stith presents me with the American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award.


April 7, 2006. Maegden Elementary Principal Mr. Teal welcomed me to Lubbock, Texas at the morning assembly.

The Branch School invited me to visit on Monday, October 29, 2007. The students compared the sizes of the planets, learned how tall hurdles are on the Moon, and why we only see one face of the Moon.

Eileen Collins addressed more than a thousand girls at the Sally Ride Festival at Rice University in Houston on October 27, 2007. The first woman shuttle commander said the most important thing to do is "read a lot!"

November 18, 2006. A Houston Chronicle This Week reporter took photos of my visit to the Pearland Library. Did anyone see them in the paper? I sure would like a copy!

November 17, 2006. A student checks his weight on the Moon at Y. B. Escobar Elementary in Roma, Texas.


January 19, 2007. Thanks to the Briargrove PTO, especially Gina Spessard (behind desk on right), I got to visit with the talented 4th and 5th graders at Briargrove Elementary in Houston. The 2nd and 3rd graders compared how far they could jump on Earth with how far they could jump on the Moon. The first graders saw how big Jupiter is compared to other worlds and how little they would weigh on the Moon. Kingergarteners surprised me with a song led by Librarian Laurie Stephens, and then compared Mars to Earth, Mercury, and the Moon. This author was impressed with all these future space explorers!

Me and my husband with Gene Kranz at the Rotary National Award for Space Achievement banquet, April 20, 2007. Mr. Kranz won the National Space Trophy.

Me on Broadway--actually the Borders bookstore on Broadway in NYC! This photo was taken by Scott Edelman of Locus magazine May 11, 2007 and is posted on their website under Nebula weekend 2007.

Hayden Meadows Elementary in Hayden Lake, Idaho hosted a visit on October 9, 2007. Thanks Librarian Kiersten Kerr (seen speaking in photo2, photo3, photo4) for setting up an excellent visit with just a few weeks' notice!


The Houston AIAA invited me to speak to about 30 people at their lunch-and-learn session at the Gilruth center on January 11, 2008. I told stories about astronomers, and signed some books--including one for European astronaut Claude Nicollier (wearing dark glasses).

Roger Weiss, standing to my left, invited me to address students participating in the NASA Means Business program. The students came to Johnson Space Center to learn about communicating space to the public. My talk on Space Writing was held February 26, 2008 in a room near the old Mission Control.

Me and Dr. Rhea Seddon spoke at the annual Butterfly Luncheon on April 30, 2008. Astronaut Shannon Lucid also attended this event for supporters and sponsors of Houston Hospice.

Marianne on CSPAN. I moderated a panel on the Future of the ISS at the National Space Society's International Space Development Conference on May 30, 2008. Watch the video on the NSS Web site.

Danny Tyler, Gullet Elementary Astronomy Club volunteer, invited me to speak to 5th graders photo a, photo b, and the astronomy club on May 5, 2008.

Read my answers to questions about writing and agents on the Institute of Children's Literature Writers' Retreat site where I was a guest, Nov. 11-13, 2008.

As part of NASA's 50th anniversary, I was a guest on The Space Show with Dr. David Livingston on Nov. 11. I discussed the first five Shuttle flights. Listen to show.

40th Anniversary of Apollo 8

On December 19, 2008, the AIAA-Houston chapter hosted a panel discussion of the Apollo 8 mission by people involved with that historic flight. I was the moderator of the panel, and took a few photos of the event. High resolution copies are available on request. NASA recorded most of the event (we went overtime!), and other attendees also took photos. Please contact the AIAA-Houston Section for information on those images and recordings. I also have a digital audio recording of the event.

Apollo 8 panelists were L to R, Hal Beck, Rod Rose, Marty Jenness, Ken Young, John Llewellyn, Dr. Glynn Lunney, Dr. Chris Kraft, and Emil Scheisser. AIAA organizer Douglas Yazell is seated on the far left.

Apollo 8 team members (and me--I was 13 during Apollo 8). (I met all these folks, and I apologize for not remembering the names!) Caption, L to R, back row, Ken Young, Emil Scheisser, Bob Wren, John Jurgensen, TBS, TBS. Middle row, Marty Jenness, Chris Kraft, John Llewellyn, Glynn Lunney, TBS, TBS, TBS. Front row, Hal Beck, Rod Rose, Marianne Dyson.

Panelists, Ken Young, John Llewellyn, Glynn Lunney, Chris Kraft. Another view of Apollo 8 panelists. A Group photo of the panelists plus AIAA event organizer, Dr. Al Jackson, and an audience photo.


National Space Society members of North Texas (Dallas) invited me to speak at DeWitt Perry Middle School (library shown), where Carol Johnson andCurtis Kling had helped Librarian Susan Genco to build a space station module and Mars Testbed in the library. I visited the mockup and spoke to the eighth graders on March 11, 2009. After the school visit, Curtis and I toured the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Love Field. We enjoyed a "ride" in the F111 simulator which the curator Chris Woodul asked me to sign on the back.

At the Texas Library Association conference in Houston March 31-April 3, I handed out bookmarks, promoted SCBWI-Houston, and met one of my favorite authors, Scott Westerfeld.

My husband and I attended the Rotary National Award for Space Acheivement (RNASA) banquet on May 8, 2009. Read about it on the RNASA Web site.

I debuted in a National Geographic School Publishing DVD filmed in the Mission Control theater at Space Center Houston on May 11, 2009.

I was the National Geographic Explorer who demonstrated "Pushes and Pulls" in a Physical Science unit for Grades 1-2. Watch the video.

I participated in a workshop with Girl Scouts working on their aviation badges. I read my short story, "On the Way to Broken Bow," while the girls acted it out using some props I provided at the Air Museum at Hobby airport in Houston on May 23, 2009. L to R, Me, Tori (Firefighter #2), Samantha (Kimberly), Marina (Mom), Micaela (Cohita), Taylor (Firefighter #1).

Patrons of the Tomball/Lone Star College Library participated in a "living solar system" showing the relative distance of the inner planets from the sun (the girl holding the flashlight), on June 6, 2009.

I was a guest at a science fiction convention called ApolloCon in Houston in June 2009. As a "warm-up act" prior to the masquerade, I decided to put together a Kuk Sool demo with a Star Wars theme: i.e. staff sparring using light sabers! Kuk Sool friends, Carol Phillips and Yvonne Jaurique, offered to help. Just for fun, I included a part for the convention's guest of honor, Wil McCarthy. Carol recruited John Zipay to introduce us. Cliff Davis volunteered as cameraman. Michael Martin, another Kuk Sool black belt, added the intro and credits. The following video is the result of all our efforts. We hope you enjoy it!

Me and Great Day Houston host, Debra Duncan, on the set June 10, 2009.

Marianne Dyson, Yvonne Jaurigue, Carol Phillips, photo by Elze.

Moon Day at the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas, July 19, 2009. More photos: Museum Director Bruce Bleakley introduces me, Next Stop: The Moon was my presentation topic, I left some autographed books at the museum gift shop.

International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC) article published on August 12, 2009, and a shorter version on August 10, 2009 in the Bay Area Citizen. The 2009 Teams: Grumbo Aerospace, Hi Res; Dougeldyne, Hi Res; Rockdonnell, Hi Res; and the winner, Vulture Aviation, Hi Res. Photos by Marianne Dyson, taken 8-3-09 at JSC. More photos available on request.

December 7, 2009. Harvard Elementary third graders compare the sizes of the planets.


Expedition 23 crewmember Tracy Caldwell Dyson (no relation!) poses with me after the press conference. I gave her a copy of Home on the Moon--her mom is a teacher! Photo courtesy Marianne Dyson, 1-24-10.

STS-130 Astronaut Kathy Hire poses with me after the press conference. Photo courtesy Marianne Dyson, 1-29-10.

Carmen Bredeson and I welcomed our National Geographic editor, Nancy Feresten, at a party prior to the SCBWI conference, 2-19-10.

I met Scholastic editor Lisa Sandell, who kindly signed two books for me. Photo by Marianne Dyson, 2-20-10.

SCBWI February 20 conference speakers. Photo by Marianne Dyson, 2-20-10.

STS-131 Japanese Astronaut Naoko Yamazaki poses with me after the press conference. She was one of a record 4 women in space in March. Photo courtesy Marianne Dyson, 3-9-10.

Me and National Space Trophy winner (Prop when I was FAO!), Bill Gerstenmaier, at the RNASA banquet. More photos on my Facebook page. Photo courtesy Marianne Dyson, 4-30-10.

STS-132 Astronaut Piers Sellers poses with me after the press conference. He answered my question of who was influenced by science fiction. Photos courtesy Marianne Dyson, 5-3-10.

Analog Science Fiction magazine editor, Dr. Stanley Schmitt, poses with me and a copy of the July/Aug issue with my name on the cover at the Nebula weekend book signing in Florida, 5-14-10. I saw STS-132 launch from Kennedy Space Center the same day.

Authors & Ice Cream Benefit for Seabrook Library participants: Back row: Authors; Gail Greenberg, Wendy Lanier, Deborah Frontiera, Mary Wade, Pat Miller, Pam Van Scoyoc, Ana Maria Rodriguez, Jenny Moss, Pam Calvert, Carmen Bredeson, Marianne Dyson, Alicia Richardson. Front row: EV Meador Librarian Shelley Lynn Pearson, EV Meador Friends of the Library President Marianne Kolar; EV Meador Librarian Greg Burns. Not pictured: Authors Jo Harper, Kimberly Morris, and Margaret McManis. I spearheaded and organized this event held September 26, 2010 which raised money for the library that was damaged by Hurricane Ike. (Photo courtesy SCBWI-Houston)


March 21, 2011. I worked with Commander Mike Fossum in Flight Activities in 1981-82. This is photo of us at the Expedition 29 crew press conference at JSC. Former Flight Controllers Dyson, Fossum, and NBC Reporter Jim Oberg.

March 11. I joined panelists Susan Niebur (now deceased) & Stephanie Shipp to address the topic of alternative careers in science at the Lunar & Planetary Science Conference.

March 23, 2011. Me in front of a rendezvous trainer during a press tour in Building 16 at JSC. Then Robonaut shakes my hand at Johnson Space Center. (Photo by author, 2011)

April. Another great SCBWI Houston Conference.

June 30. I attended the last Space Shuttle (STS-135) crew press conference.

July. I got a chance to "fly" the Orion mockup at JSC, and July, show my love for space (photo of me hugging spacesuit).

I was a guest on NPR "To the Point" July 8, 2011 hosted by Warren Olney about the impact of the last Space Shuttle Flight. The entire show is available for listen or download, but my part starts about 14 minutes in, so I broke it up into four WMA files in order: Me & Architect Thom Mayne, Mayne & Astronomer Jonathan McDowell, and Me & McDowell.

July 13, 2011. I toured the solar system with a capacity crowd at Freeman Library in Clear Lake.

I'm one of the authors in this YouTube video from the SCBWI Houston 2011 conference.

November 15, 2011. I spoke to all grades at Salyers Elementary about how space will save the world (maybe!).


March 2012. Group photo of attendees of David Farland's Writers' Workshop in Utah.

April 2012. I helped staff the SCBWI Houston booth at the Texas Library Association conference with Vicki Sansun, our chapter leader.

September 2013. Featured author at the East Texas Book Festival in Tyler, Texas.

September. My husband and I said farewell to Space Shuttle Endeavour at Ellington on its way to becoming a museum piece. Note I am wearing a red shirt!


June 22,2013. "Admiral" Dyson offered her expert opinion on the newest Star Trek movie at ApolloCon in Houston.

July 2013. Seabrook Library's Authors & Ice Cream event. Photo by Pat Patton.

October 13, 2013. I did a presentation and signing at the Pasadena Barnes & Noble.

October 22, 2013. I was the invited author for Alvin Library League's annual event.


December 6. Freeman Library hosts local authors Cindy Price, Jerry Ross, and me.


May 24. The one-size-fits-all spacesuit at Comicpalooza was too big for me! Some Houston SF Meetup members: Dom, Bill, me, DL, & Cassandra.

June, 2015. First copy of Welcome to Mars arrived while I was at ApolloCon in Houston.

July 18, 2015. Thanks to NSS Dallas Chapter Ken Ruffin for a great event at the Moon Day event at Love Field.

July 25. "Admiral" Dyson had a great time at Space City Comic Con. Photo by Carl Shier.

I was on Irish radio Futureproof The Martian on September 26 to discuss living on Mars. My segment is about 15 minutes into the show with hosts Lara Dungan and Ian Brunswick.

October 2. Me and Buzz Aldrin signed copies of Welcome to Mars at JSC.

November 5. I did a book signing and presentation (my first) for A Passion for Space to the NASA Alumni League at JSC.

December. Me and Buzz signed copies of Welcome to Mars at KSC. Afterwards, I visited Buzz at his condo.


February 13. I played Tour Guide for the American Engineering Geologists' visit to Space Center Houston.

February 18. I was an AIAA Distinguished Lecturer at the Ohio Aerospace Institute. Photos by Ed Wong/AIAA.

February 19. I was the speaker for "Dinner with a Slice of History" at the International Women in Air & Space Museum, Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland, Ohio. IWASM Board member Marcy Frumker received my Mission Control donations and turned them into a display.

March 7. Society of Women Engineers at the University of Florida President Emily Huber invited me and my husband to visit.

March 15. I welcomed 60 girls to Mars via STEM workshops during Spring Break at the Dallas Frontiers of Flight Museum.

April 9. I had a table at the Rice Sally Ride Science Festival.

April 19. Me and Aileen Kirkham welcomed Linn Oliver to the SCBWI Houston booth at the Texas Library Association conference. Some local authors attending TLA included Marion Young, Pam Van Scoyoc, Maria Ashworth, Kelly Bennett, and Rebecca Nolen.

April 23. I was a guest author at the Ohioana Book Festival in Columbus, Ohio. Left to Right: Nancy Roe Pimm, Marianne Dyson (standing), Julie Rubini, Carmella Van Vleet, Kerrie Logan.

June 18. I was a guest at Comicpalooza in Houston on a panel with Afsarirad, Young, Patel, and Lackey.

June 25. I ran a STEM workshop for teachers and gave a public presentation at Tyler Junior College thanks to Coordinator Brian Kremer.

July 15. Met this future astronaut and watched another compare weight on Earth and Mars at Barnes & Noble Westheimer Crossing store.

August 19-21. At MidAmeriCon in Kansas City, I ran into former Analog Editor Stan Schmitt and fellow Analog writer, Martin Shoemaker. I was on a panel with G. David Nordley, Bill Ledbetter, and Henry Spencer.

October 19. I spoke at Harvard Elementary Literacy Night.


January 14. Plenary speaker at Rice University Conference on Women in Physics.

January 26. Spoke on the Business of Writing at Bay Area Writers League.

May. Signed copies of my SF collection, Fly Me to the Moon, at the B&N booth at Comicpalooza in Houston.

September. On panel about Mars at FenCon in Dallas with Karl Gallagher, Stan Love, Stuart Hardwick, and Bill Lederer.


January. Attended TAMEST conference with my famous coauthor, Buzz Aldrin in Houston.

January 18. Attended the book launch for Houston's Favorite Poems and met up with To the Moon and Back artist, Bruce Foster at the Houston Public Library.

February. Was a panelist of the National Educational Assessment Panel (NAEP) for 4th grade writing which convened in Atlanta, Georgia.

May 5. Inducted into the Nevada Space Hall of Fame.

May 15. Addressed high school students at the Laredo Public Library and was interviewed for KGNS (Telemundo) TV.

May 22. Spoke to students at Westview School about their Future Space.

September 22. Science Guest of Honor at FenCon 15. In photo with GOH Larry Niven and Artist GOH Travis Lewis.

October 2. Guest instructor for Women in Space class at Rice University.


March 16. Attending LPSC No. 50 all about the Moon.

July 24. Shared my Passion for Space with two groups of seniors at The Buckingham in Houston.

A student from Cathey Middle School gets an autographed copy of Welcome to the Moon. Photo taken October 2019 & used with permission. Live long and prosper Librarians of McAllen High School: Norma Garza, Noe Torres, Josie Cornejo. Photo taken October 2019 & used with permission.

Favorite Photos


Spoke to about 700 students in McAllen thanks to librarians Norma Garza, Noe Torres, & Josie Cornejo.


Me & Buzz at TAMEST conference.


Rice University Conference on Women in Physics.


Future astronaut came to my book signing at B&N on Westheimer in Houston 7-15-16.
Rice University Sally Ride Science Festival.
Dallas Frontiers of Flight Museum hosted STEM camp for middle-school girls.


Buzz Aldrin & I signed Welcome to Mars at Kennedy Space Center.


Dyson photoAt Freeman Library with Cindy Price and Astronaut Jerry Ross


Dyson at Authors & Ice Cream eventI sold my first copy of The Callahan Kids (left) at the Seabrook Library's Authors & Ice Cream event, July 2013. Photo by Pat Patton.


DysonsMy husband and I said farewell to Space Shuttle Endeavour at Ellington in September.

Dyson at East Texas Book FestivalI was a featured author at the East Texas Book Festival in Tyler, Texas in September, 2012.


Dyson & Mike Fossum at JSC
I worked with Expedition 29 Commander Mike Fossum in Flight Activities in 1981-82. Photo taken in the JSC Press Room, March 21, 2011.

Dyson and Robonaut
Robonaut shakes my hand at Johnson Space Center. (Photo by author, 2011)


With Gene Kranz at the Apollo 13 40th anniversary party at JSC.

Me with my former boss Gene Kranz at Apollo 13, 40th anniversary party at JSC.

With Expedition 23 crewmember Tracy Caldwell Dyson.
Expedition 23 crewmember Tracy Caldwell Dyson (no relation!) poses with me after the press conference. I gave her a copy of Home on the Moon--her mom is a teacher! Photo courtesy Marianne Dyson, 1-24-10.


With Great Day Houston host Debra Duncan.
Me and Great Day Houston host, Debra Duncan, on the set June 10, 2009.

National Geographic School Publishing DVD filmed at Space Center Houston.
I debuted in a National Geographic School Publishing DVD filmed in the Mission Control theater at Space Center Houston on May 11, 2009.


Favorite appearance photo for that year.
I moderated an Apollo 8, 40th anniversary event in December at JSC.

With Dr. Rhea Seddon.

Me and former astronaut, Dr. Rhea Seddon, spoke at the annual Butterfly Luncheon on April 30, 2008.


Favorite appearance photo for that year.
Briargrove Elementary kids amazed me.


Favorite appearance photo for that year.
Maegden Elementary students provided a warm welcome.


Favorite appearance photo for that year.
School visit in Taiwan!


Favorite appearance photo for that year.
Dinner with Neil Armstrong!


Favorite appearance photo for that year.
B&N Author of the month.


Favorite appearance photo for that year.
Me and Kranz at World Space Congress.


Favorite appearance photo for that year.
Featured author at Texas Book Festival.


Favorite appearance photo for that year.
Hometown girl makes good, Canton Borders.


Marianne Dyson flew on NASA's Vomit Comet.
I flew on NASA's Vomit Comet. Photo by Scott MacLaren.

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