Liquid Water on Mars

January 2016

Author Marianne Dyson’s Science Snacks Newsletter

Hello, and a special welcome to the new subscribers who signed up at Kennedy Space Center. Each month I pick one short science news or fact to share. I hope to see many of you again at future space or writing events where we can discuss our space stories!


Buzz & I signed Welcome to Mars at Kennedy Space Center on December 19, 2015 with help from Christina (Santa hat), & ShareSpace team of Linn, Rob, & Bob.

Liquid Water on Mars

On September 28, 2015, Georgia Tech grad student Lujendra Ojha published her evidence of liquid water on the surface of Mars. That same week, the first print run of Welcome to Mars was nearly sold out. Our editor at NatGeo suggested we reflect the water discovery in the second print run. So I asked myself, what impact does finding liquid water have to our plans to settle Mars?

It wasn

Communications Failure in The Martian Realistic?

October 2015 Science Snack

October 6, 2015

Hello, and a special welcome to those of you joined my monthly mailing list/newsletter at the book signing with Buzz Aldrin at JSC on October 2. I call it Science Snacks because I discuss one cool science fact or news item (the “snack”) in each issue that I think other writers and readers of science fact & fiction will enjoy.


“I knew it was hopeless, but I tried firing up the communications array. No signal, of course. The primary satellite dish had broken off