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Maia Kitten in the Author's Chair. Don't ignore your Muse!

Invite Golden Kite and American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award winner and former NASA flight controller MARIANNE DYSON to share her enthusiasm for space and writing.

People Stories

Want an excuse to ask someone you admire some personal questions? Want to meet a celebrity or spotlight a personal hero or share a child's accomplishment? Why not interview them and get paid for sharing their story? Dyson explains how to conduct a basic interview, obtain a quality photo, and find an appropriate publication. She covers manuscript preparation and submission, including tips on contract negotiations and market suggestions. Presentation is about one hour.

Writing Your Memoir

Dyson explains how to focus your story and organize it for publication as a series of magazine articles or chapters for a biography. She discusses traditional versus self-publishing options and typical contracts and marketing information. Presentation takes about an hour. Hands-on workshop with one-on-one help organizing specific information is 2-3 hours.

Self-Publishing via Kindle

Now you can share your work with friends, family, and fans and even earn a little financial reward by publishing your story on Kindle. This workshop covers all you need to know to convert your Word document into a Kindle book with links and images included. Workshop can be by example/demo only in one hour followed by a hands-on tutorial for an additional 2-3 hours that covers marketing tips and strategies.

Self-Publish via CreateSpace

Want a printed copy of your memoir, family history, cookbook, story collection, or journal to share with the world? Amazon's CreateSpace makes it possible for anyone to publish a book. Learn how to choose size, length, format front and back matter, include page numbers and subtitles through this workshop. Overview of the process with examples takes an hour, and can be followed by a hands-on tutorial for an additional 2-3 hours that covers marketing tips and strategies.

Please see my Author Visit Checklist prior to a scheduled presentation.

Book Sales

Hosts are encouraged to offer Dyson's books for sale in conjunction with their event. Please see Books for Author Visit for ordering information.


NOTE: Discounts available for multiple bookings, referrals, and libraries.

$350 for one-hour presentation

$600 for hands-on 2-3 hour workshop

$1000 for both Kindle and CreateSpace hands-on

Expenses. Travel expenses are in addition to honorarium. Coordinate details with Author.

To Book an Appearance, fill out (as much as you can) and email/mail Appearance Agreement to Marianne Dyson.

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Authors/Editor Friends

Houston Meetup members: Dom, Bill, me, DL, & Cassanda at Comicpalooza, 2015.
Houston SF Meetup members: Dom, Bill, me, DL, & Cassandra at Comicpalooza May 2015. With Analog Science Fiction editor, Dr. Stanley Schmitt.
Analog Science Fiction magazine editor, Dr. Stanley Schmitt, poses with me and a copy of the July/Aug issue with my name on the cover at the Nebula weekend book signing in Florida, 5-14-10.

With Scholastic editor Lisa Sandell.

I met Scholastic editor Lisa Sandell, who kindly signed two books for me. Photo by Marianne Dyson, 2-20-10.

With Carmen Bredeson and National Geographic editor Nancy Feresten.Carmen Bredeson and I welcomed our National Geographic editor, Nancy Feresten, at a party prior to the SCBWI conference, 2-19-10.

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