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Marianne Dyson addresses large group of students.

Marianne Dyson at Briargrove Elementary (2007)

Invite Golden Kite and American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award winner and former NASA flight controller MARIANNE DYSON to share her enthusiasm for space and writing.

How Space Can Save the World

Learn why the space station falls & never lands;
vacuums are so clean;
space is empty yet also full;
asteroid miners will be trillionaires; and
we'll all be saved from extinction!

Dyson adjusts the level of subject detail and type of interactive demonstrations to match the age/grade level of the audience. For Houston-area events, author will bring a scale model of the International Space Station for display. Speech takes 20-45 minutes. Appropriate for grades 3 and up.

Other Programs Offered

Tour of the Solar System Take a tour of the current night sky, learn to find Polaris, identify constellations, find the Milky Way, planets, lunar features, and where the Apollo astronauts landed. This presentation takes 45-60 minutes, and is appropriate for elementary school audiences or for mixed groups of parents and children.

Space Scientists of the 20th Century. Many people know that Percival Lowell believed he saw canals on Mars. But not many people realize that in his quest to prove it, he invented new methods of measuring the elements in planetary atmospheres, pushed the cutting edge in photographic techniques, and seeded many of the concepts included in classic science fiction. Dyson shares stories of ten fascinating scientists (see list) in her tour of the history of the 20th century of space and astronomy. 60-120 minutes. Presentation can be broken into 2 parts, either by time (1900-1950/1950-2000) or subject (astronomy/space). Grades 8 and up.

From Idea to Publication. Dyson explains how to match your interests to markets and have fun sharing your favorite subjects with others in print, or via electronic media. Manuscript critique/contest can be arranged. Presentation is 45-60 minutes and is appropriate for middle to high school classes and writers' conferences (discount for SCBWI events). Grades 8 and up.

Please see the Science Workshops page for information on hands-on science workshops and one-day camps with space themes.

Please see my Author Visit Checklist prior to a scheduled presentation.

Book Sales

Hosts are encouraged to offer Dyson's books for sale in conjunction with their event. Please see Books for Author Visit for ordering information.


NOTE: Fees valid for 2013-14 school year.

$800/day for 4 presentations or 2 workshops. Travel expenses are in addition to this fee.

$500/half day for 2 presentations or 1 workshop. Travel expenses are in addition to this fee.

$300 for after school/evening/weekend presentation. Half price for public libraries and churches.

Ask about Skype interviews or Twitter/Facebook chats.

Expenses. Travel expenses are in addition to honorarium. Author will make accommodations. Hosts are responsible for presentation equipment and workshop supplies. Coordinate details with author.

Fill out (as much as you can) and email/fax/mail Appearance Agreement to:

Marianne Dyson
15443 Runswick Drive
Houston, Texas 77062
281.486.4747 (land line: no texting!)

To Book an Appearance, Contact: Marianne Dyson.

Visit Photos

If you want a high-resolution photo, please send email, and I will try to fill your request. More photos are available in my Appearances Gallery. Others may be found on my Facebook page.


Authors & Ice Cream event at Evelyn Meador Library in Seabrook, July 2013.I sold my first copy of The Callahan Kids (left) at the Seabrook Library's Authors & Ice Cream event, July 2013.


E Texas Book Fest in Tyler, Texas, Sept. 2012.I was a featured author at the East Texas Book Festival in Tyler, Texas, September 2012.


Freeman Library visit in July 2011.I toured the solar system with a capacity crowd at Freeman Memorial Library in Clear Lake, July 2011.


With Bay City librarian Andrea Savage.
Bay City librarian Andrea Savage poses with me and (L to R) DeAsia Abbott, Jynesis Battle, Taniya Abbott, Sami Simons, and Kati Simons after my "Tour the Solar System" presentation.


Harvard Elementary third graders. Harvard Elementary third graders compare the sizes of the planets. Photo by Marianne Dyson, 12-7-09.

Other photos are in the ARCHIVE.

More Information

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