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More about Welcome to Mars

Free Educator's Guide: go to my Welcome to Mars page.

More about A Passion for Space

Order book, ebook, or individual chapters from Springer.

Fly Me to the Moon and Other Stories

Eight of my SF stories including my first published story, in eBook form. Order print book via CreateSpace.

More about Space and Astronomy

This book is one volume of Facts On File's 20th Century Science set.

Available to libraries (not individuals) as an eBook. Call 1-800-322-8755.

More about Home on the Moon

Won the American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award!

Teachers, this book has an AR test!

This book won the Golden Kite Award!

Available in Korean (contact author).

Read the History of space stations and a chronology of crews.

Write a science fiction story based on this book!

More about Stars & Galaxies

This book is unfortunately out of print, but used copies are available via Amazon. Be sure to check for the space case of experiment equipment that goes with the book.

Trajectories Anthology

Anthology contains Dyson's story, "The Breath of Mars."

Touching the Face of the Cosmos edited by Paul Levinson

My story "The Right of Interference" is in this anthology and explores what happens to the "prime directive" if there is a Prime Director. Print book also available.

Updates available for this book.

Best of Girls to the Rescue

This book contains my story, "On the Way to Broken Bow," that I use to role-play an emergency aircraft landing for Girl Scouts earning their aviation badges. It is based on the true story of a native American girl flown by Angel Flight.

Eat My Martian Dust
edited by Michael Carroll and Robert Elmer.

This anthology for Christian kids includes two of my stories, "Zeus's Eagle," and "The Right Stuff" both now available on KINDLE

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The Callahan Kids: Tales of Life on Mars is now in print! The book includes an introduction, nine original stories (two by Dyson), black and white interior art, an activity, Glossary, Author information, Mars map, Recommended Reading, and a Mars versus Earth comparison. To receive a 10 percent discount, enter the following 8-digit code: 488RKZ5V. ORDER PRINTED BOOK.

The ebook includes an introduction, nine original stories, color interior art, a Glossary, and Author information. It's available via Amazon:


ANALOG's first e-anthologoly with my story, "Fly Me to the Moon"

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