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Clear Lake Area NSS & Moon Society Chapter

The Clear Lake Area National Space Society (NSS) and Houston Chapter of the Moon Society merged to form one organization in November 2010. The National Space Society is an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting social, economic, technological, and political change in order to expand civilization beyond Earth, to settle space and to use the resulting resources to build a hopeful and prosperous future for humanity.


The chapter meets bimonthly in even-numbered months at the Clear Lake Park on Nasa Parkway in the Bay Area Community Building. (Coming from JSC, turn left at the light into the park, then follow the circle to the right until it veers left--building is at the bend--turn right into parking lot.) The front door is usually locked--please go to the right side door. We're in the first room off the hallway to the right.

Meetings are usually held on the third Mondays of even-numbered months.

Snacks are provided at every meeting. If you'd like to bring something special, please contact Eric Bowen to let him know.


We have some free handouts for students, parents, and teachers.

Apollo Fun Facts
Galileo and the Telescope
Newton and Gravity


You do not have to be an NSS or Moon Society member to be added to our email list for announcements about local events. Our events are always open to the public. To sign up for our list, send email to Eric Bowen and/or Marianne Dyson (see addresses below).

Only members may vote in officer elections and on decisions to financially support various projects. Any member of the NSS and/or Moon Society who lives in the Houston area who asks to be on our chapter list is considered a chapter member. The CLA-NSS Moon Society Chapter does not charge any dues.

To benefit the chapter, when you join NSS or renew, please list chapter number 748 on your membership form. This will trigger a rebate to the chapter that helps us fund educational events and does not cost you anything. Use this link to join NSS and the Clear Lake Area chapter: JOIN NSS & Chapter 748.


The Clear Lake Area NSS/Moon Society Chapter is a nonprofit 501-c(3) organization located in Houston, Texas. Our primary source of funds are chapter rebates through recruitment of new members and funds donated by sponsors of events. All donations are tax deductible and much appreciated.

Donations can be made to the Clear Lake Area NSS/Moon Society via credit card or PayPal using the DONATE button below:


Chapter President is Eric Bowen, 713-991-3575.
Chapter Vice President is Doug Hall.
Chapter Treasurer is Jay Lewchanin.
Board Member is Marianne Dyson.


The Clear Lake Area NSS and Moon Society Chapter Bylaws are consistent with those of the National Space Society.

The Clear Lake Area NSS and Moon Society is chapter 748 of the National Space Society and has a Texas Employer Identification Number.

The CLA NSS and Moon Society chapter is covered under a group tax exemption, and files IRS Form 990 each year. NSS is a 501-c(3) educational nonprofit. Here is a Letter of Certification from the IRS regarding NSS's nonprofit status. For more NSS financial documents, see the NSS Offical Documents page.

For additional information, please contact Marianne Dyson.

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Dyson Clear Lake Area NSS Chapter Charter
The Clear Lake Area NSS Chapter, founded in 1992, received its charter in 1993.

Dyson at JSC
Dyson representing NSS at press event at JSC, March 23, 2011.
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