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Marianne Dyson photo by Carl Shier at Space City Comic Con 2015.

Marianne Dyson at Space City Comic Con. Photo by Carl Shier.

Invite Golden Kite and American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award winner and former NASA flight controller MARIANNE DYSON to share her enthusiasm for space and writing.

Space for Sale

Why would anyone want to live or work in space? There's nothing up there--not even air. Besides being fun to float around in, what is freefall good for? And what about all that radiation? Isn't that dangerous? This talk covers the basic differences between the environment on Earth and in space, and how those differences might be exploited by creative new businesses once the price of reaching space is reduced by upcoming new commercial providers. An exciting future awaits the pioneers who will dare to explore and build the first settlements in space.

"Space for Sale" is appropriate for non-technical adult audiences or mixed groups of adults and older children. For Houston-area events, author will bring a scale model of the International Space Station and other models for display. Speech takes 15-20 minutes. Please budget additional time for Q&A and book signing.

Custom Keynote

Space and astronomy offer a universe of anecdotes about brave explorers, problem solvers, and people who did not give up on their dreams. As one of the first women flight controllers, the author of a space and astronomy reference book, and former editor of a space magazine, I will research and write a custom speech for your event. Price varies depending on speech length and research requirements.

Book Sales

Hosts are encouraged to offer Dyson's books for sale in conjunction with their event. Please see Books for Author Visit for ordering information.


Fees for custom speeches depend on the length of the speech, travel requirements, and the purpose of speech (charity-inspirational, political-fundraising, educational-training, business-promotional). Contact me for estimates or choose one of my Writing or School Visit presentations that are as inexpensive as $300 for one presentation. I am also available to moderate panel discussions on various space and science fiction topics.

Expenses. Travel expenses are in addition to honorarium. Coordinate details with Author.

Fill out (as much as you can) and email/fax/mail Appearance Agreement.

To Book an Appearance, Contact: Marianne Dyson.

More Information


I was a guest on NPR "To the Point" July 8, 2011 hosted by Warren Olney about the impact of the last Space Shuttle Flight. The entire show is available for listen or download, but my part starts about 14 minutes in, so I broke it up into four WMA files in order: Me & Architect Thom Mayne, Mayne & Astronomer Jonathan McDowell, and Me & McDowell.

Space Expert

Watch my interview about My Path to NASA, and My Writing at the International Space Development Conference in Huntsville, AL in May. Dyson at STS-135 Press Conference
I attended the press conference for the last Space Shuttle crew, 6-30-11.

I'm a member of the SCBWI-Houston Chapter. I'm one of the authors in this YouTube video from our 2011 conference.

Dyson on panel at Lunar Planetary Science Conference, March, 2011. title=
I joined panelists Susan Niebur & Stephanie Shipp to address the topic of alternative careers in science at the Lunar & Planetary Science Conference March, 2011.


With Great Day Houston host Debra Duncan.
I was a guest of Debra Duncon on Great Day Houston on June 10, 2009, discussing the inspiration of Apollo.

Marianne on CSPAN. I moderated a panel on the Future of the ISS at the National Space Society's International Space Development Conference on May 30, 2008. Watch the video on the NSS Web site.

With Dr. Rhea Seddon.

Me and former astronaut, Dr. Rhea Seddon, spoke at the annual Butterfly Luncheon on April 30, 2008.

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