Marianne J. Dyson

Teacher InService

Marianne Jakmides Dyson
Marianne Dyson at JSC

Invite Golden Kite and American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award winner and former NASA flight controller MARIANNE DYSON to share her enthusiasm for space and writing.

Physical Science InService/Retreat

Dyson shares simple hands-on demonstrations and experiments that will allow teachers/homeschool parents to confidently share physical science concepts including forces and motion (push/pull and Newton's laws), gravity, energy (light/sound/electricity), and magnetism with students. All activities conform with national and state (math and) science curriculum standards for grades K-5. Workshop takes either a morning or afternoon, and can be offered as a weekend retreat or in conjunction with a library or school visit. Adults.

Please see my Author Visit Checklist prior to a scheduled presentation.

Book Sales

Hosts are encouraged to offer Dyson's books for sale in conjunction with their event. Please see Books for Author Visit for ordering information.


NOTE: Fees valid for 2014-15 school year. Discounts available for multiple bookings, referrals, and nonprofits.

$800/day for 4 presentations or 2 workshops. Travel expenses are in addition to this fee.

$500/half day for 2 presentations or 1 workshop. Travel expenses are in addition to this fee.

$300 for after school/evening/weekend presentation. Half price for public libraries and churches.

Ask about Skype interviews or Google Hangout presentations.

Expenses. Travel expenses are in addition to honorarium. Author will make accommodations. Hosts are responsible for presentation equipment and workshop supplies. Coordinate details with author.

Fill out (as much as you can) and email/fax/mail Appearance Agreement to:

Marianne Dyson
15443 Runswick Drive
Houston, Texas 77062
281.486.4747 (land line: no texting!)

To Book an Appearance, Contact: Marianne Dyson.

More Information

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Remember Columbia - photos & information.
- Space timeline, chapter stories (by Dyson, though no byline given), & teacher resources. - Astronaut bios and photos by name. - Encyclopedia facts and photos about space vehicles, missions, people. - Fly on the Vomit Comet! NASA Student Flight Opportunities Program. - David Brin's list of materials for using science fiction in the classroom. - Enter contests, go on trips, support space via the Mars Society. - Look for a local chapter and join the National Space Society. - Find books, collectibles, interest groups, all kinds of space hobbies. - International Women's Air & Space Museum

Nonfiction Book Reviews - children's space books reviewed for science accuracy.

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