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Marianne Jakmides Dyson
Marianne Dyson at JSC

Invite Golden Kite and American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award winner and former NASA flight controller MARIANNE DYSON to share her enthusiasm for space and writing.

Physical Science InService/Retreat

Dyson shares simple hands-on demonstrations and experiments that will allow teachers/homeschool parents to confidently share physical science concepts including forces and motion (push/pull and Newton's laws), gravity, energy (light/sound/electricity), and magnetism with students. All activities conform with national and state (math and) science curriculum standards for grades K-8. Workshop takes either a morning or afternoon, and can be offered as a weekend retreat or in conjunction with a library or school visit.

Show Me Space!

Why do people float on the space station? What causes the phases of the Moon? Parents and Teachers are shown ways to answer common questions like these and demonstrate science concepts using inexpensive supplies and made-at-home models. Learn what it feels like to go into space, what freefall is, why gravity doesn't pull the station to the ground, how to weigh a weightless rat, how to compare the size/mass of the Earth/Moon/Mars, how far you can jump on the Moon, how far away the Moon is, why modules are round in space, how to pick things up in space, and where the Apollo missions landed on the Moon. Workshop takes 60 to 90 minutes.

Book Sales

Hosts are encouraged to offer Dyson's books for sale in conjunction with their event. Please see Books for Author Visit for ordering information.


NOTE: Fees valid for 2015-16 school year. Discounts available for multiple bookings and referrals.

$1000 for a full day retreat. Travel expenses are in addition to this fee.

$600 for a half-day retreat. Travel expenses are in addition to this fee.

$350 for Show Me Space science workshop.

Expenses. Travel expenses are in addition to honorarium. Coordinate details with Author.

To Book an Appearance, fill out (as much as you can) and email/mail Appearance Agreement to Marianne Dyson.

Photo of Marianne Dyson at Space City Comic Con by Carl Shier.At Space City Comic Con, 2015. Photo by Carl Shier.

More Information

- Space timeline, chapter stories (by Dyson, though no byline given), & teacher resources.

http://www.jsc.nasa.gov/Bios/ - Astronaut bios and photos by name.

www.astronautix.com - Encyclopedia facts and photos about space vehicles, missions, people.

http://www.scoop.it/t/teaching-science-fiction - David Brin's list of materials for using science fiction in the classroom.

www.nss.org/books - Recommended space nonfiction and fiction books for adults and kids, reviewed by the National Space Society.

www.hobbyspace.com/index.html - Find books, collectibles, interest groups, all kinds of space hobbies.

http://iwasm.org/wp-blog/ - International Women's Air & Space Museum

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