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Here is a list of some of my latest fiction and poetry that I've written and how copies may be obtained. The most recent are at the top. Contact me for reprint requests.


Title Description Contacts/Copies
The Breath of Mars
This anthology, edited by Dave Creek, includes my story, "The Breath of Mars," and also "Seeds" by Mary A. Turzillo, "Trajectories of the Heart" by Arlan Andrews, Sr., "A Matter of Timing" by Maya Kaathryn Bohrhoff, "In Its Shadow" by Martin L. Shoemaker, "The Ghost Conductor of the Interstellar Express" by Brad R. Torgersen, "High Jack" by Bud Sparhawk, "Formal Charges" by Jay Werkheiser, and "The Adventures of Star Blazer" by John F. Allen. Order the eBook or print copy through Amazon links on my Online Orders page.

The Right of Interference
My story "The Right of Interference" is in this anthology and explores what happens to the "prime directive" if there is a Prime Director. A familiarity with Christianity is required to appreciate the humor in this story. Order the eBook or print copy through Amazon links on my Online Orders page.

Fly Me to the Moon
This collection of my published stories opens with Fireworks in Orbit about a space shuttle crew’s struggle to survive an explosion. The Critical Factor features a clone facing the end of the universe. The Pest Man is flash fiction for Halloween. Virtually Correct focuses on racial profiling. The Shape of Things to Come shows how cuteness favors survival. A Solution to the Orbital Debris Problem results from misinterpretations. Fly Me to the Moon has a young man help an Alzheimer's patient save a woman stranded on the moon. Space Bugs uses microbes to get NASA funding. The print book also includes a sonnet written for Alan Bean. Title story was originally published in the July/August 2010 issue of Analog, reprinted in Into the New Millennium anthology by Dell in 2011, was available for a while as a Kindle story, and became the cover story for my collection of short stories published in 2015. Order print book via CreateSpace to give me a better royalty than Amazon (same price to you!).

Space Bugs

When Congress shuts down NASA, two astronauts come up with a crazy idea involving microbes to reinstate the program. This is a Probability Zero story, also known as flash fiction. Published in the January/February 2015 issue of Analog, available via back order or at libraries.

Martian Mice

A prank goes awry, turning a science experiment into a desperate life-or-death situation. For Mariah, her cat Apollo, and twenty Martian Mice, survival depends upon Mariah trusting the one person she can't easily forgive. . Part of The Callahan Kids: Tales of Life on Mars anthology.

Fireworks In Orbit, on Kindle

When a last-minute spacewalk is added to a classified flight, something is bound to go wrong. The question is, can the astronauts find a way to survive a contingency that was never supposed to happen? This story was written by a former NASA flight controller whose job it was to prepare procedures for cases, such as the total loss of the cooling system, that even the best NASA simulators really couldn't simulate. It was published in Analog SF magazine in August, 1990. It's based on the “Loss of 2 Freon Loops Deorbit Prep” procedures that the author wrote for NASA. Her flight director, after reading this story, said Dyson probably got it right—but he was glad they never had to find out for sure. Now included in Fly Me to the Moon and Other Stories Collection published in 2015.

The Right Path, Zeus's Eagle, on Kindle

In The Right Path, a teenage girl must set a good example for an arrogant young man performing a Kuk Sool (martial arts) demonstration on the Moon. In "Zeus's Eagle, a boy's tolerance and faith are tested by his new Martian friends.
FREE for Prime members or $1.49 for both stories, and science background info. Go to Right Path-Zeus's Eagle for Kindle

The Critical Factor, on Kindle

A clone faces the end of the universe, or is it the start of a new one? A cosmological science fiction story first published in Analog SF magazine in 1992. This story was written after the author attended a physics seminar at Rice University where the topic of how we might detect intersecting universes was discussed.
Now included in Fly Me to the Moon and Other Stories Collection published in 2015.

The Shape of Things to Come, on Kindle

A shape-shifter chooses an unusual shape to appeal to aliens who might help it. Story first published in Analog Science Fiction magazine, March 1996.
Now included in Fly Me to the Moon and Other Stories Collection published in 2015.

Solution to the Orbital Debris Problem, Pest Man, & Virtually Correct, on Kindle

A Solution to the Orbital Debris Problem and Virtually Correct were published in Analog Science Fiction magazine as "probability zero" stories, in February 1999 and May 1995, respectively. The Pest Man was published in Vision Science Fiction in 1993. All three are humorous stories under 1200 words.
Now included in Fly Me to the Moon and Other Stories Collection published in 2015.

Dyson's Space Poems, on Kindle

A collection of poems about spacecraft, aliens, and physics, previously published in Analog, Aboriginal, Starline, and Mindsparks science fiction magazines from 1992 to 2000, plus a sonnet created by Science Fiction Poetry Association members on GEnie in 1993.
FREE for Prime members or $1.99. Go to Dyson's Space Poems for Kindle

"Fly Me to the Moon" (novelette)in July/August 2010 Analog Science Fiction Magazine
A young man must help an Alzheimer's patient with a mysterious past remember enough to save a woman stranded on the Moon. Illustrated by Mark Evans. Story included in Analog's first e-anthology, Into the New Millennium.

Read review by Lois Tilton who called it "personal and moving."
Copy of the issue including this story is $8.00. Go to the Autographed Copies page to order.

Science fiction short story, "Martian Mice"
Published online by 4Frontiers Corporation in November 2006. Illustrated by Michael Carroll.

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Finding God among aliens, droids, and mega moons. Edited by Michael Carroll and Robert Elmer. Includes stories by Marianne Dyson, Kathy Tyers, Jim Denney, Sigmund Brouwer, Randall Ingermanson, Shane Johnson, and John B. Olson. Paperback is 256 pages, published in March 2005.

Retail $12.99. Read the Baker Catalog page. This book is out-of-print, but you might find some used copies on or through the other authors (I have a few copies--send me email to arrange sale and shipping).
"On the Way to Broken Bow," the cover story for GIRLS TO THE RESCUE #7. NOW on KINDLE:
Meadowbrook Press. "On the Way to Broken Bow" is about a handicapped girl who focuses on what she can do when faced with landing a small plane.

Paperback, 111 pages, October 2000, Retail $3.95. This book is out-of-print, but the story is included in Best of the Girls which was renamed Girls Save the Day which is available on Amazon.
A list of my science fiction, poems, and interviews. SFF Net Locus Index to Science Fiction by Author - MARIANNE DYSON
This list is incomplete. However, you may find the issues cited in library periodical collections. Sometimes my name is mispelled as Mary Ann or Mary Anne Dyson.

Mars Anthology

The Callahan Kids: Tales of Life on Mars is now in print! The book includes an introduction, nine original stories (two by Dyson), black and white interior art, an activity, Glossary, Author information, Mars map, and Recommended Reading. To receive a 10 percent discount, enter the following 8-digit code: 488RKZ5V. ORDER PRINTED BOOK.

The ebook includes an introduction, nine original stories, color interior art, a Glossary, and Author information. It's available via Amazon:

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