Marianne J. Dyson


Marianne Dyson at Johnson Space Center in 2010.
Me in the press room at JSC (2010)

How much is your reputation worth? Are you sure you got the science right?

I worked in Mission Control where a typo in a procedure could cause a mistake costing millions of dollars and potentially endangering lives. So I've learned to double-check for errors and misleading statements in my work. But I still have experts go over my manuscripts because I only know what I intended to say...not what else I might need to add or could explain more clearly!

I was a technical editor for Scholastic's Space University series, served as a National Geographic Explorer and technical consultant for a second grade physics series, Push and Pull (published by Hampton Brown for National Geographic), served as a technical reviewer on multiple series for Enslow (now Rosen), and was editor of Ad Astra magazine in 2008. In addition, I've been edited and continue to be edited by excellent editors and copyeditors at numerous publishers who have helped me to help others avoid embarrassing format and word usage errors.

If you want to get it right, and are interested in hiring me as a consultant or technical editor to check your science (or science fiction), fact-check a space science/astronomy article or manuscript, or to write space-related content, here is my resume, and my standard manuscript consultation agreement (in Word format). I charge $60/hour for most assignments. Contact me for estimates.

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Favorite Photos

Dyson at AIAA NASA Glenn
AIAA Distinguished Lecturer, talking about Mission Control. Photo by Ed Wong/AIAANOS, 2016.

Dyson, Fossum, Oberg at JSC
Former Flight Controllers: Me, Astronaut Mike Fossum, NBC Reporter Jim Oberg at JSC, 2011.

With Catherine Asaro at ApolloCon
Catherine Asaro and me at ApolloCon in Houston, 2010.

With STS-132 Astronaut Piers Sellers.
STS-132 Astronaut Piers Sellers poses with me after the press conference. He answered my question of who was influenced by science fiction. Photo courtesy Marianne Dyson, 5-3-10.

With Gene Kranz at the Apollo 13 40th anniversary party at JSC.

My hero Gene Kranz and me at the Apollo 13 40th anniversary party at JSC April 6, 2010.

With STS-131 Japanese Astronaut Naoko Yamazaki.
STS-131 Japanese Astronaut Naoko Yamazaki poses with me after the press conference. She was one of a record 4 women in space in March. Photo courtesy Marianne Dyson, 3-9-10.

With STS-130 Astronaut Kathy Hire.
STS-130 Astronaut Kathy Hire poses with me after the press conference. Photo courtesy Marianne Dyson, 1-29-10.

With Expedition 23 crewmember Tracy Caldwell Dyson.
Expedition 23 crewmember Tracy Caldwell Dyson (no relation!) poses with me after the press conference. I gave her a copy of Home on the Moon--her mom is a teacher! Photo courtesy Marianne Dyson, 1-24-10.

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