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How much is your reputation worth? Are you sure you got the science right?

I worked in Mission Control where a typo could potentially endanger lives. Don't let errors crash your book launch!

Besides basic grammatical and copyediting stuff, I'm also pretty good at helping nontechnical writers create plausible "techno-babble" for the physics in their stories, fact-checking nonfiction space and astronomy history, and catching content errors such as awkward point of view shifts. I have experience working as a technical editor for Scholastic's Space University series, as a National Geographic Explorer and technical consultant for a second grade physics series, as a technical reviewer on multiple series for Enslow (now Rosen), as editor of Ad Astra magazine, and fact-checker for the University of Florida Press.

Editing Fees: I charge $50 for the first 10 pages (or complete picture book) plus $2/page (about 300 words) for up to 40,000 words. (Note, if you just want science checked, send only those chapters or a list of questions to keep the fee down--but I still need to see the first 10 pages/outline/synopsis to understand the context.) I will fact-check longer nonfiction space and astronomy books for a flat fee of $300*.

*Manuscripts need to be provided as doc or docx and will be returned with Track Changes in Word. If pdf is provided instead, or a print copy is desired, cost is $2 (first 10 pages, double-spaced no breaks between paragraphs) plus $0.15/page printing charge plus a $10.00 shipping fee. Please query if I'm available and to receive a consulting agreement before sending any manuscript files.

Writing Your Memoir or Family History

If you or someone close to you has a story to share, I can help you focus the story and organize it for publication as a magazine article, interview profile, history book, or memoir. Included is how to conduct a basic interview, obtain a quality photo, research background data, and find an appropriate publisher.

Duration & Fee: One hour for $15/person, minimum 5 people. Private consultations and ghost-writing help are available, depending on the project. Contact me for estimates.

Self-Publish eBooks via Kindle

This workshop covers converting your Microsoft Word document into a Kindle book with links and images included, and instructions for uploading and tips on using the Amazon description, categories, and key words. Workshop is done by example/demo.

Duration & Fee: 90 minutes. $20/person, minimum 5 people. $35/person if done in conjunction with CreateSpace Workshop. Private consultations and ghost-writing help are available, depending on the project and schedule. Contact me for estimates.

Self-Publish Print Books via CreateSpace

Want a printed copy of your memoir, family history, cookbook, story collection, or journal to share with the world? Amazon's CreateSpace makes it possible for anyone to publish a book. Learn how to choose size, length, format front and back matter, include page numbers and subtitles through this workshop. Familiarity with Microsoft Word assumed.

Duration & Fee: 90 minutes. $20/person, minimum 5 people. $35/person if done in conjunction with Kindle Workshop. Private consultations and ghost-writing help are available, depending on the project and schedule. Contact me for estimates.

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Links for Writers

I have taken and recommend David Farland's Daily Kicks newsletter and workshops.

Get Your Book Reviewed I choose books for review on the National Space Society's website and in their quarterly print magazine, Ad Astra. We consider ONLY books related to the human settlement of space, in three categories: fiction, nonfiction, and children's. Visit the NSS Reading Space for reviews and guidelines.

Is your book too long or too short? Check typical word counts for books.

Writers' Groups/Orgs

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators - Join if you want to write for kids!

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America - Check out their Writers Beware page to avoid scam agents and bad contracts.

Clear Lake Area writers, join the Bay Area Writers League (BAWL) Meetup.

The Houston Writers Guild holds lots of helpful workshops and an annual conference.

Houston area SF Writers, join me at the Houston SF Meetup on second Mondays at Theo's on Westheimer for good food and intelligent conversation.

Sample My Work

Some of my publications are FREE online. Please check my Bibliography for links to numerous book reviews and other works.

Read what inspired me to write my memoir, A Passion for Space.

Sample chapters are available on Springer's website.

Use the Amazon "Look Inside" feature to verify my self-publishing skills in Fly Me to the Moon and Other Stories. Link to eBook below. Check out the print copy on CreateSpace.

"Martian Mice," a story I wrote for kids is FREE via CreateSpace. Go to my 4Frontiers Authors page for the link and a discount off the print copy.

Payment for Services

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