Marianne J. Dyson

Marianne Jakmides Dyson
Marianne Dyson

Marianne Jakmides Dyson

Award-winning Author & former Flight Controller

The Wonders of Space

Will humans ever live on other worlds or in space itself?

A former NASA flight controller with a degree in physics, Dyson shares the wonders of space with adults and children through books, articles, stories, and speeches promoting the eventual settlement of space that awaits through investment in science and exploration.

Dyson's books explain why the space station falls and never lands (Space Station Science); how to get oxygen from rocks on the Moon (Home on the Moon); how scientists figured out that the iron in our blood comes from supernovas (Space & Astronomy), where we might build the first settlement on Mars (Welcome to Mars), and, what it was like to be one of the first women in NASA's Mission Control (A Passion for Space).

Speaking of Space...

Dyson offers programs for all ages, from 15-minute keynote speeches to day-long teacher inservice workshops. Invite her to speak at your school or library to hear stories about what it was like being one of the early women in NASA's Mission Control, to learn about living on Mars, to hear how space can save the world, or to take a tour of the solar system. She is also available to teach astronomy mini-courses for middle-school students, and has done so through the CCISD WAVE program.

As a winner of the SCBWI Golden Kite Award and the American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award; a former magazine editor; and an experienced technical editor; Dyson is also happy to speak at writers conferences, help judge contests, critique manuscripts, and run writing workshops. To learn more, read about Dyson.

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